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How to claim your NodCards handle

What is a handle?

Your handle is what comes after the '/' in the URL for your NodCards. For example:

In the URL above, the 'bobby' is the handle. This is exactly the same as it is on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, where you can create your own, unique URL for your profile.

Handles are unique. There can only be one of any handle on any platform, so act quickly to claim your handle on NodCards before someone else takes yours.

Why claim your handle?

The URL of your NodCards is an important feature of both your small business brand and your discoverability by search engines like Google and Bing.


When you make your handle the name of your business, you are giving your brand additional exposure in the form of impressions everywhere you share it. For example, if your small business is called 'Acme', you'll get more exposure for your small business when you put as your link in bio.


The URL that your NodCards sits on plays an important part in search engine optimization. Having your small business brand or personal name in URL tells search engines like Google and Bing that "this link is about that small business this person is searching for, so you should show it in the search results."

You should create a unique handle for every card in your account. If you are a small business, you might want one handle for your business and one for every member of your team.

How to claim your handle:

  1. Log in to your account 
  2. Navigate to the "NodCard" tab
  3. Click Settings tab
  4. Find "Handle", click Edit

    Claim handle NodCards

  5. Type your desired handle into the bar.
  6. If available, click Claim Handle. If unavailable, type another handle until you find a suitable alternative.

Next Steps

Once you've claimed or updated your handle, make sure to also update any of your social media accounts with your "link in bio" pointing to your NodCards link with the new handle. You'll also want to update your email signature so that your links point to the correct cards.

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