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How to download your vCard

In this quick tutorial we'll cover how to download your contact information from your NodCards to a mobile device or PC. This valuable feature enables customers, prospects and connections to save your contact details to a mobile device for future reference. Once someone has your contact information saved from your NodCards to their device, they can simply look you up by the information that's stored in their device contacts application.

How to download vCard to mobile device:
  1. Visit any NodCards that has vCard downloading enabled (To learn how to enable this feature on your NodCards, click here.)
  2. Click the arrow in the top left
  3. Click 'Save to Contacts'
  4. Scroll down, click 'Create New Contact'
  5. Click 'Done'
That's it!
Note: This tutorial shows how download a vCard to an iOS (iPhone) device. Follow steps 1 through 3 above for Android and other devices then use their operating system options to complete the process. 

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