How to install your NodCards email signature in Gmail

How to install your email signature

  1. Open the link provided to you in any internet browser.
  2. Proceed to step 3.

  1. Find the link for your email signature from the Admin Portal while Editing your Card -> Share -> Email Signature.
  2. Click to open the link.

Step 3: Install your signature in GMail

  1. On the new page that is opened, select the page contents. (In menu bar → Edit → Select All)
  2. Copy. (In menu bar → Edit → Copy)
  3. Go to your email client, and open your signatures.
  4. Where you edit your signature, simply paste. (In menu bar → Edit → Paste)
  5. Ensure your new signature is set as default on new and reply emails.
  6. Save and Enjoy!

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